Quicker and closer to you Delivering the latest research results to clinical practice

Quicker and closer to you Delivering the latest research results to clinical practice

Message from the CEO

TKResearch Co., Ltd was established in 2017 as a company dedicated to research and development for In Vitro diagnostics and Medical Devices. In March of 2018, our company was launched our first product, “Cytometric CBA measurement service for Anti-striational antibodies”. We are proud of the products we make, for they embody our corporate philosophy of remaining “committed to providing the best solutions for enabling sufferers of intractable diseases around the world to enjoy happy and healthy lives.” Likewise, we apply our extensive expertise in the development of In Vitro diagnostics and Medical Devices. We have supported many companies as a collaborator for the development of In VitroIn vitro diagnostics and Medical Devices.

Our core businesses are in the fields of both research and development. We research, develop, manufacture and supply various immunological research reagents, such as ELISA kits, antibodies, cell culture-related products, and customized services. We also conduct consultation for the application of Japanese In Vitro diagnostics.

We remain committed to maximizing the value of our services through the use of cutting-edge scientific technologies to create new businesses, and creating new antibody-related products that help us achieve our goals. To achieve these goals, we adopt a flexible and creative approach and attitude, while at the same time maximizing our efforts in research and development to consistently produce innovative products using valuable technologies.

Takashi InagakiCEO

Ph. D. of Engineering, Concentration: Antibody Enginnering

Over 20 Years experience for Development of IVD and Medical device.

After experiencing Department manager of IVD company, starting my own business at 2017.

  • IVD : Diabetes (GAD Ab, Glucagon, Leptin etc.),
  • NeuroImmunology (AQP4Ab, MBP, MuSK Ab, SRP Ab etc.)
  • RUO : Anti-Striational Ab, HMGCR Ab, Rph3a Ab etc.

Development Team

In Vitro diagnostics Reagent

TKResearch has been developing IVD immunoassays for the Global In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device market. Our team of highly skilled and motivated professionals is working tirelessly on product development for the detection of biomarkers. Our team is tightly collaborated with other company such as Antibody supplier and manufacturer. For our clients around the globe we unburden the whole process from proof of concept to the final product.

Medical Device

TKResearch has been collaborated with highly skilled and motivated professionals for the development of Medical Devices. They have their own experience and success for the R&D of Medical Devices. Our team is tightly collaborated with other company such as Medical device manufacturers and Material suppliers.

Product Pipeline

We are now developing our own Medical devices, SMART CARE.We will launch at 2028.

Please feel free to contact to us.

TKResearch wants to be your partner in IVD product development and we are able to do this with various technologies. We are a transparant partner, employing only the highest motivated professionals, and always strives for the highest standard in precision working. No matter whether you are running a multinational business or a start-up with limited access to manpower: TKResearch is your ultimate working partner!

MAIL : infotkresearch.co.jp

FAX : 050-3457-8523 (24-hour reception)

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